John Lubbock


Hello and welcome to my new website. I’m planning on using this as a portfolio of my writing, video production, photography and other work so you can see why you should definitely accept that pitch/job application I just sent you. You can also see my CV here.

I write a lot about Turkish and Middle Eastern politics, the UK energy sector and UK government policy. During the pandemic I started working as an investigative journalist, looking at the spending on contracts related to the pandemic and collating data to see which companies were profiting most from the pandemic. 

As a freelancer and while working for Wikimedia UK, I have made a lot of video work, from an hour long documentary to event vlogs about specific projects.

On the right, you can see my biggest project to date, a documentary about the work of the historian Ara Sarafian to foster reconciliation and understanding between Armenians, Turks and Kurds during the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

In my writing and advocacy work, I care about human rights, free access to information, a socially and economically more equal society, and preferably not destroying the planet we all have to live on.


I publish a lot of my photos on Wikimedia Commons, so that others can use them in their projects. I also have a Flickr site here.