John Lubbock

What I do

Photography is something I do to assist other aspects of my creative work. As a Wikipedia editor and organiser, it’s part of the praxis of representing people online who are underrepresented, which is why I do a lot of music photography for artists that don’t have Open Licensed images. I do photography at events, and to illustrate articles I want to write. I like the challenge of being in the right place at the right time to capture a moment that will be gone in a second.

While the images on this site are not Openly Licensed, you can see all the media I’ve published on CC licenses on Wikimedia Commons.





Hire me

I have a lot of experience doing music, travel, event and portrait photography for various purposes, and am happy to mix photography and video work. If you want someone to make your event look nice, or you need shots of an artist or event, you can hire me.

Contact Me

Send me an email and we will get back to you for a free consultation