Video Projects

Since 2013 I have been working on various video projects, often connected to political activism or journalism that I am otherwise involved in. You can see some examples below.

100 Years Later

While living in Istanbul, I reconnected with the historian Ara Sarafian, who was doing advocacy work with Turkish, Kurdish and Armenian organisations to create dialogue about the memory of the Armenian Genocide. For the 100th anniversary of the start of the killings, Sarafian went with a group of Armenian people from Western countries to visit some of the sites where the killings happened. I went to document the trip, and released this 55 minute film in 2016. It is the largest video project I have undertaken as a freelancer.

Istanbul: The Politics of Architecture

Just before beginning work on 100 Years Later, I made a shorter film in Istanbul about the city’s architecture as a kind of filmmaking practice, with the intention of making the longer film you can see above.

Video Work for Wikimedia UK

Below you can see some samples of my video work produced for Wikimedia UK. Wikipedia and its sister sites are huge and complex projects organised and contributed to by millions of people. My job as Communications Coordinator involved explaining and promoting Wikipedia and our charity’s work to help improve it, and part of this was done by making videos about some of our collaborations and projects.

Other video projects

I’ve made numerous other videos for various purposes. Below you can see videos of demonstrations, an interview with my late father, a couple of music videos produced for artist friends, and some other miscellaneous videos.